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Ubom! is driven by the commitment to develop theatre and theatre audiences throughout the Eastern Cape and the greater South Africa. The notion of “development” is not merely one of the Ubom! objectives, but is fundamentally the main ethos of the company. Besides demonstrating theatrical excellence, Ubom!'s productions speak to people from all socio-economic backgrounds. Reviews, on-going surveys and anecdotal evidence suggest that we continue to achieve our goal of creating excellent theatre and of developing an appreciation of theatre, its related activities, and the arts at large.

In 2013, with the financial support from Rhodes University, Ubom! continues to serve the greater community by implementing an Arts Programme which aims to:
  • address ‘poverty’ within the community when poverty refers to a lack of resources and access to the arts;
  • upgrade performance skills to increase employability of disadvantaged arts practitioners; 
  • develop the feasibility of the arts as a career choice and promote this idea;
  • celebrate the creative human spirit; 
  • provoke debate, analysis and the search for solutions on many controversial topics; 
  • encourage the exploration of personal creativity and potential; 
  • have voices heard that would otherwise have stayed marginalized;
  • holistically develop the younger generation through arts-related activities which provide the youth with a means to develop their potential and creative self-expression;
  • conscientise the youth to pressing social and environmental challenges through workshops & participative theatre.

These aims are consistently achieved through the following programmes and projects:
  • Providing full time employment to previously disadvantaged community artists & qualified drama graduates (see The Company); 
  • Creating between five and six artistic works with the full time company throughout the year (see Productions pages);
  • Touring these works to arts festivals and schools festivals around the country (see News and Events);
  • Touring these works to primary and high schools around the Eastern Cape and Western Cape;
  • Regular Drama workshops are run in local township schools throughout the year (see Vuka workshops);
  • Each year, funding dependent, a youth project is conducted with talented Grahamstown youth (see Art of the Street);
  • Up-skilling workshops are run with disadvantaged local community drama groups culminating in a local festival which is run in the Rhodes University Theatre (see Makana Drama Development Festival).
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