National Arts Festival 2013

17 June 2013

National Arts Festival 2013

Are you looking for unforgettable theatre at the National Arts Festival 2013? Look no further. Grahamstown-based professional theatre company UBOM! is ready to satisfy audiences with mind-blowing theatre experiences!

Hoss ja. Festival audiences are hungrily anticipating the always potent creative team of Andrew Buckland and UBOM! in an original Eastern Cape production, HOSS (NAF programme p179). Directed by award-winning theatre maker and director Rob Murray, HOSS is set to be an unmissable production at this yearís festival. Be prepared for gripping secrets, bronco battles, intrigue and unexpected twists. Culture, myth, tall tales, and modern cowboys clash in an apocalyptic showdown. UBOM!ís characteristic dark humour and theatrical innovation lassoes you into the rodeo ride of your life in the wild, wild East (Cape). 

On the lighter side of the festival, catch UBOM!ís Family Theatre production, Betti and the Yeti. UBOM! promises excellent, exciting entertainment for the whole family! Daniel Buckland, recently back from his Cirque du Soleil adventures, directs the mysterious and enchanting story of Betti & the Yeti (NAF programme p168). Audiences are transported to Bettiís vibrant village where we encounter remarkable characters in elaborate masks, magical silver trees, evil hunters andÖ a Yeti! True to the spirit of UBOM!, serious topics such as xenophobia and tolerance are skilfully interwoven into this delightful and heart-warming tale. Do not miss it!

UBOM! guarantees professional, ground-breaking theatre. Donít miss out on the electrifying HOSS and heart-warming Betti and the Yeti this winter. As always, our hearts beat UBOM!

Please refer to the National Arts Festival programme / website for all dates and venues.

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Phn: 046 603 8966
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